Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reiterates that a firm has responsibilities to the society that go beyond profit maximization. Its an aggregate of  the actions that make companies good citizens who donate to society’s well-being outside their own self-interests

It is the responsibility of individuals and the society (including corporate entities) to ensure that public health is given priority. Threats to public health affects livelihoods, and most importantly life. Therefore, public health issues are crucial for economic wellbeing and life.

At Emayian Camp, we embrace this responsibility as a company and have participated in various health volunteer programs that have impacted the society positively. A case in point is the Covid 19 season where we were engaged in distributing free face masks and sanitizers to communities as well as participating in various forums that were engaged in prevention of the covid 19 virus.

We participate in these programs, commiting finances, as part of our corporate social responsibility as our company’s contemplation of and answer to problems that are beyond the narrow scope of our economic welfare and profit.