Women Empowerment

Socioeconomic problems facing women in Pastoral communities, has attracted the attention of corporates to develop programs aimed at empowering women. There have been significant changes in the business sector’s relationship the local communities over the years,  as its ethical for businesses to have a social contract, not necessarily formal,  with communities around them to be able to offer solutions to the needs and various challenges therein as stakeholders.

At Emayian we know the value of an empowered woman and that’s why we have made it our cause and part of our social responsibility to empower the Maasai women in our neighborhood.

We do this through employment and training of Maasai women at our organization.


From the time we started, we made it our obligation to fish for talents and expertise from the local community to fill various positions in our company. We have done this successfully over the years and currently we have maasai employees, mostly women, at various levels and sectors of our operations including office assistants, waiters, entertainment and local guides.


We recognize the challenges of the Maasai girl traditional and otherwise, that’s why we have made it part of our responsibility to train women through forums including on job training to fill various positions in our company and women groups where we support different causes financial and otherwise that impact positively on the well being of the community.

A Maasai woman employee at Emayian Camp serving guests