Emayian Camp is located at the Maasai Mara in Narok County in Kenya. The Maasai community are residents here.

At Emayian, we have made this community part of us in every aspect of our operations including helping in education of young boys and girls and more particularly girls who have been for years the most vulnerable because of the Maasai culture and traditions that heavily impact girls’ ability to enroll and complete schooling.

The family factor in the Maasai Community determines education or otherwise of the girl child. In this regard, it is the economic decisions made at the family level that ultimately determine the level of education for young girls. The costs involved in sending a girl to school viz a viz “the opportunities” of engaging her to perform household chores come to play here. A girl’s labour at home is considered more valuable than her time spent in school.

To improve girls’ education we have partnered and engaged with the community leaders including elders, community and spiritual leaders, youth, and warriors. We have also strived to engage directly with parents and have been able to educate several kids on a case to case basis at different levels of education.

We do this as part of our Corporate social responsibility as an organization as we strive to make help improve various aspects of the community as its our ethical responsibility and also to promote a positive impact on the future of this neighborhood.

At Emaiyan Campcode, we have engaged the community to be part of our operations

Nature Walk

We engage members of the Community to guide our operations including Nature walks